After Installation Checklist

  1. Open installed work request in your browser, e.g.
  2. Logon as Admin (Default password for admin: 1)
  3. If you made a clear installation of work request (not update) you should change a password: click 'Admin list' button in the left menu. In the right column click 'Change Password' for admin. Enter your new password.


  4. Open 'Lookup tables' page
  5. Add values to State/City/Street, Operation/Compcode/Problem, Priority tables. Also you can add values to other tables if it's necessary


  6. Go to the 'Admin settings' page.
  7. In the section 'Default State and City settings' select default state and city if it's necessary. This values will be prefilled in corresponding fields on the new request fieldor used as default values for Mobile Request if it hasn't information about city and state.


  8. In the 'Common Settings' upload Logo and Mobile Logo if it's necessary. Recommended file format is PNG (but GIF and JPEG are also supported).


  9. In the 'Files' section you can change File Store folder. If you did it be sure that system user 'NETWORK SERVICE' has full access to this folder. Also check that this user has full rights to the folder 'MRDocuments' in the Maintstar Installation directory


  10. Enter you working Work Request server url, which is accessible from Internet


  11. In the section 'Map Settings' specify default gpd coordinates. This coordinates are using to set start position of pin on the map when GPS is not available


  12. In the section 'Email Settings' enter smpt server configuration and login and password for emaul used for sending email notification. To test entered parameters click button 'Send Test Email Letter'. If you recieve a letter, email configuration is correct

    Email Settings

  13. Then add and configure user groups ('Groups list' button in the left menu)
  14. In the pages Int User List and Ext User list add new users